Oct 23

________ occurs when a person experiences several of the following symptoms concurrently, for at least two weeks: “low” or depressed mood (for example, sad, empty, tearful); decreased interest in most or all activities; changes in appetite (usually decreased); changes in sleep (usually poor sleep); loss of energy; feeling worthless/guilty/ hopeless/ helpless; psychomotor agitation or retardation (i.e. thoughts/movements speeding up or slowing down); difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of death (suicidal thinking)

_______ is a serious mental disorder that profoundly affects an individual’s quality of life. Unlike normal bereavement or an occasional episode of “the blues,” ________ causes a lengthy period of gloom and hopelessness, and may rob the sufferer of the ability to take pleasure in activities or relationships that were previously enjoyable. In some cases, it seems to be triggered by an obviously painful event, but ________ may also develop without a specific stressor. Research indicates that an initial episode is likely to be a response to a specific stimulus, but later episodes are progressively more likely to start without a triggering event. A person suffering __________ finds job related responsibilities and such other tasks as parenting burdensome and carried out only with great effort. Mental efficiency and memory are affected, causing even simple tasks to be tiring and irritating. Sexual interest dwindles; many people with _______ become withdrawn and avoid any type of social activity.

A person suffering ________ usually experiences a pervasive low mood, or loss of interest or pleasure in favored activities. Depressed people may be preoccupied with feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness or hopelessness. Other symptoms include poor concentration and memory, withdrawal from social situations and activities, reduced libido (sex drive), and thoughts of death or suicide. Insomnia is common: in the typical pattern, a person wakes very early and is unable to get back to sleep. Appetite often decreases, with resulting weight loss, although increased appetite and weight gain occasionally occur. The person may report persistent physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, or chronic pain.

written by Saudade

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  1. wrong « Inner Turu WordPress MU Says:

    […] cura nada. Días, semanas, meses… nada. Aquí estoy, igual que ayer. No es depresión, no es MDD, no es que uno no pueda crearse su propio destino, no es que el sexo con otras personas no sea […]

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  1. 1. Lapetra Windows XP Mozilla Firefox Says:

    Major Depressive Disorder, MDD??

    Google FTW!!!! 8D


  2. 2. Schatzy Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:



  3. 3. Schatzy Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    TDM , pero ese ya se sabe!, el cuento es la coomorbilidad,ahí está el cuento


  4. 4. L.I. Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    OMG! nesecito ayuda.


  5. 5. mlpz18 Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.0a8 Says:

    Yeah… I couldn’t resist to google it. MDD


  6. 6. mlpz18 Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.0a8 Says:

    uuuuuhhh en serio… este articulo me cae como anillo al dedo. Que miedo…


  7. 7. Creep Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    Depression…chronic maybe?


  8. 8. Schatzy Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    Distimia se llama si es crónica, que parece pero no es igual


  9. 9. Lolo Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    And then?….. time to give a shit and keep walking? or keep mouning on it?


  10. 10. mlpz18 Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.0a8 Says:

    Not so easy lolo… believe me, I’ve been trying to give a shit, keep walking and stop mouning on it….
    it’s not easy… my life moved on, but it’s no easy…


  11. 11. Lolo Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    En ninguna parte dice que “es fácil”, de eso se trata, pero hay que hacerlo…


  12. 12. Eglė Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    wow. Just like reading about myself..] I bet everyone feels like that. At least occasionaly. I do.


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