May 24

Suposse you had a hand. A very good poker hand.

The best hand in your life, or at least you thought that.

You raised the bet and, since you follow the fundamental theorem of poker, you played you hand the way you would play if you could see your opponent’s cards.

You never were sure of her cards, though.

But in the “flop”, when the cards showed up, you knew that you were doomed.

What would you do?

“All in” in order to confuse?
Cut your losses and retire gracefully?
Is there an intelligent way?

written by Saudade

May 01

Hace 8 años, 8 años! listé los capítulos de la “Teoría General de Iván”.

Cómo siempre mi instinto de clasificar, ordenar, sistematizar y tratar de explicar las cosas.

Los capítulos en ese entonces eran:

1. The Axiom of Choice
2. Cognitive Dissonance
3. The law of Diminishing Returns
4. On Human Bondage
5. Quantum of Solace
6. Damnatio Memoriae

A los cuales se agrega:

7. The Naked Singularity


  • The secret of Happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage -Tucidides
  • Conquer your fear and I promise you you will conquer death -Alejandro
  • All good things must be paid for, either before or after -Alejandro

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