Dec 11

Diogenes fue un filósofo cínico cuyas enseñanzas son muy similares al estoicismo y budismo que tanto quisiera seguir yo.

Siempre me ha dado curiosidad el hecho de que fue la única persona viva de quien Alejandro dijo que le gustaría ser como él:

A young man contemplating marriage sought advice from Diogenes. “Should I marry?”

“Marriage is too soon for a young man”

“Would you have me wait then until I am old.”

“Oh no, Marriage is far too late for an old man.”

“What am I to do then? I love the girl.”

“Love is a luxury no one can afford. It is for those who have nothing better to do.”

“What should we be doing then?”

“To seek freedom. But it is not possible to be free if you have a wife and children.”

“But having a wife and family is so agreeable.”

“Then you see the problem, young man. Freedom would not be so difficult to attain were prison not so sweet.”

“You mean to be free is to be alone?”

“We come into the world alone and we die alone. Why, in life, should we be any less alone?”

“To live, then, is terrible.”

“No, not to live, but to live in chains.”

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